In general, a polygraph examination can be used to resolve nearly any issue.  Still, there are common applications and uses for examinations.  Some common types of examinations that may be conducted by True North Polygraph include:

Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing   (*PCSOT certified*)
         - Instant Offense, Sexual History, Maintenance and Monitoring Examinations

Pre-Employment   (subject to EPPA restrictions)
         - EPPA provides protection for commercial organizations, and generally excludes             government agencies.  Also generally excluded from EPPA restrictions are private           organizations involved in specified security services or controlled substance                     services.  Please see full EPPA restrictions to determine if your organization is                 allowed to conduct pre-employment testing.
Employee Theft or other Economic Loss   (subject to EPPA restrictions)
         - Please consult the EPPA resources on this website, as well as possibly seeking             legal counsel, prior to taking any actions regarding suspicion of an employee.

Family Matters
         - For fidelity testing, it is strongly encouraged that you to seek the assistance of a             counselor specializing in such matters prior to seeking a polygraph examination.               Any polygraph examination in this area is best used as a tool to further efforts                   already begun.  A polygraph examiner can effectively work with a counselor to                 address any unresolved questions. 

Post-Conviction Offender Testing
         - Similar to PSCOT testing, but conducted in conjunction with the Department of               Corrections, and/or court of record.  Offenders may be subject to DOC                               supervision, domestic violence restrictions, drug court, or the like.  True North                   Polygraph will work closely with the court or supervising agency to ensure the                   offender is honoring the restrictions placed upon him or her.

Fishing Tournaments
          - Polygraph examinations may be utilized during or following fishing tournaments              to ensure the competitors are not violating rules in order to gain a competitive                  advantage. We work with tournament officials to meet the needs of the specific                tournament structure. We do require a waiver be included in tournament                            registration, so this is a process that does require some advance preparation.                  References are available from tournament officials for whom we have conducted              such examinations. Please inquire for additional information.

           - If you are not sure if a polygraph examination may help you with an issue, and it             does not fit in any listed category, please utilize the Contact Info tab to inquire.
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