True North Polygraph fees are designed to be reasonable and competitive.  All quoted fees include:   initial consultation; a full pre-test and polygraph examination; hand-scoring of all collected charts, as well as scoring with at least one computerized algorithm;    post-test clarification of any outstanding issues, if needed; and a written report of the examination results presented to the client.  Subsequent examinations, travel expenses, and any other unusual or additional expenses will be in addition to the base fee.  A final, itemized quote for requested services will be presented prior to scheduling an examination.  All fees must be paid in full prior to beginning the pre-test phase for the examination, and are non-refundable.  Fees may be paid with cash or money order.  At this time, checks and credit cards cannot be accepted.

Due to the unique and personal aspects contained within a polygraph examination, specific fees will not be listed here.  Issues to be resolved may be more or less complicated, and one or more examinations may be needed to resolve those issues. In general, for a single examination on a relatively straightforward issue, and with the test to be conducted in Grand Forks, ND, or Walker, MN, a base fee falling within the $300-$600 range may generally be expected. 

Please e-mail an inquiry for a more precise quote.
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